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The term Westside Mentality, or \\//\\//estside //\\//\\entality™, originated from and created by Blake Alexander, is a mentality or mindset of overcoming anything and pushing through all obstacles to accomplish your purpose and mission (in life). With Westside Mentality, you handle pressure well, and do not fold under pressure. You are focused on the eternal big picture, and you are not easily phased or beat; you have a determined and enduring mindset, which if truly accepted and taken to heart, leads to a life style. Honestly, this is all the way a real and true Christian should live, and is many of the characteristics for Christians described by Paul in the New Testament. Westside Mentality was most likely most recently famously lived out through the life and death of 2Pac Amaru Shakur, as he lived to die for his people and what he represented, and fearlessly and courageously faced death, head on every day until he finally died at 25, before he could get into politics and finish his revolution alive. See the detailed description for the rest of 2Pac's westside mentality on the page "\\//\\//estside //\\//\\entality".
This term and definition also has nothing to do with the stupid thing Ryan Gaybill wrote because he was/is insecure and jealous.
Blake's old great life got flipped turned, upside down, and taken away from him. His future looks like it's headed in a new direction, and he has a huge life mission and eternal purpose he must accomplish while alive on earth. He must accept, adopt, and develop Westside Mentality and also use that along with his never-ending, never-waverung faith, trust, and obedience to God to help him get through the crap that happens in life, and the everyday crap that occurs throughout life to accomplish his mission and fulfill his purpose-His eternal purpose.
by Chris Michael Adams April 06, 2011
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The act of acting completely thug and quoting westside rappers, such as Tupac Shakur, while in reality being a complete fag. People who say to live with Westside mentallity will normally say that they don't mess around nor care what other people say, even though they typically care too much. They will often use the phrase "get down to business," in the gayest way possible.
Ronald said that he didn't care what other people say, he lives with a Westside Mentality by rolling his windows down and playing California Love.
by Billy Chum November 21, 2010
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