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Weston, Florida- A small, upscale city in North Broward County.

Renting a small, one floor home is upwards of 1,600 a month.

2+ bedrooms, 1 and a half bathrooms, full kitchen, dinig/living room, internet cables, 3 telephone jacks, 2 car driveway, 1+ car garage, backyard.

An average home costs around 400,000.

Two or more floors, 2 1/2 baths +, 3 or more bedrooms, dining room, living room/den, internet cables, 5+ telephone jacks, 2+ car garage, driveway, backyard.

An above average or extravvagant home will be upwards of 800,000 dollars.

Details courtesy of an accredited realtor.

Weston is about an hour drive away from North Miami, and 20 minutes from the heart of Davie.

Sawgrass Mills Mall is a worthwhile place to shop, seeing as how the next mall, aventura, is 30 minutes away, while sawgrass is a ten minute bus ride from Weston road.
It has a very cool place to eat called "Rainforest Cafe".

Westons population consists of mainly latins, white, and african americans.

There are alot of job opportunities for adolecents, as most teenagers are given money, or don't need it. Most are focused an getting good grades, and many schools are considered "A+" schools.

Weston is a wonderful place to raise young children, and to live out retirement.

It's a safe community, and some would call it pretty above average. It is beautiful here, and someone who has been around grey trees and brown grass all their life probably won't take it for granted.
by snatchyweasel66 February 01, 2011
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