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A small suburb in illinois, consting of mostly mexicans, mexican stores, and soccer.
Geneva, wheaton, and lombard kids are scared of us. Beware of this town
West chicago is so ghetto, we should call it West chi-ghetto.
by sdxfgcvhjbnm February 05, 2009
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A shady town full of mostly Mexican people that are in gangs. There is a *small* nice part called Cornerstone Lakes Subdivision, but the part is always invaded by gangsters trying to murder and rape little kids. They hide in the library pretending to read books and they come out of the sketchy downtown area trying to mug you. Watch out, West Chicago is gonna be the next Chicago Ghetto!
Dang, West Chicago is the most sketchy town in the world! :O
by SpeakNowFearlessly July 01, 2011
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