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The richest school in the Santa Clarita Valley. The whites and asians dominate upstairs while the mexicans and blacks dominate downstairs. Some teachers are cool, some are assholes. After the chaos that the 2008-2009 school year induced, the school turned fascist and strict rules and regulations ensued.

If you're looking for drugs, go to Valencia.
"Hey dude, throw this bottle cap."
"Fuck that, I don't wanna get 4 Saturday schools and a 2 week suspension."


"What school do you go to?"
"West Ranch High School."
"I'm sorry."
"Me too."
by Yours_Truly_ March 19, 2012
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-high school north of LA in stevenson ranch
-southern california state champions (band/flag team)
-white kids, mexican kids, asian kids some black kids
-the whole hip hop team is asian and some asians act like they are gangster
-kids w/ parents that are in denial of their childs activities
-some really rich kids, some kids in the middle, some poor
-mostly pretty nice
-no one wants to admit they come from a straight edge middle class family so some (alot) people ruins their opportunities by creating a bad situation for themselves by participating in unneccesary idiot drug use and violence
a couple groups: bros/brohoes, emo, gangster, preppy , misc.
-special group of girls who are rich and preppy but try to act hardcore and gangster (mostly in their speech)
Brooke: OMFG Melly Melly Bo Belly you were totally wasted last night
Mellissa: STFU betch! lol i cant believe you B-Dawg, what ever

Juan: Puta! I love the Raiders and being Mexican
Pedro: Hell yeah, "Hecho en Mexico" but I wish I didnt go to West Ranch High School so I could be un pequito mas ghetto
by abcdefg1234567! December 07, 2007
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