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West Chester, Pa...or the "610", "dub-c"....etc...number one, unionville is NOT west chester...i spent my whole middle school and high school at unionville....and hung out with kids from east and me, unionville is not west chester...."thugs" that go to unionville couldnt handle the truth, which is after they step foot out of the sugar coated chadds ford or unionville, they would realize how fucking fake and spoiled they are....west chester to me is a big party, drinkin bank or vlad on the weekends, buying pot from whoever has it...not hangin out at painters with middle school girls shownig off my black ford ranger with blue street glow (you know who you are)...again, I went to Unionville, grew up in west chester....and those two words are NOT interchangeable
"Chestnut St., what?....theres no Chestnut St. in West Chester, you mean Philly?" haha, thats right, Unionville
by Paste May 01, 2005
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