Faggot show full of Asians and people who got in but didn't deserve it and don't do their work. Most of us are suicidal, on drugs/alcohol and running on caffeine and energy drinks. The counselors suck and don't do their job (except 1) and then are surprised when we have a mental breakdown in the bathroom. The amount of homework and overall work that you get is so overwhelming that you want to kashoot yourself. Here you are either super athletic and in crossfit or you are the laziest piece of human flesh to ever walk the Earth and there is no in between. Most of the teachers suck and have no respect for the students and then get mad when we have no respect for them or others. There is a "No BuLlYiNg PoLiCy" but no prevention against it. School spirit is nonexistent and Dance Co is really good but the girls dances are sexualized.
Student 1: I go to West Career and Technical Academy and I have 5 failed suicide attempts because of it
Student 2: I'm failing 6 of my classes because teachers refuse to put my grades in
by FaGgOt666 November 11, 2018
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A magnet high school in Summerlin, Las Vegas that is swarmed with a majority of shallow faggy rich kids from Palo Verde and annoying hipster Asians. The teachers are very cool and sometimes hot, but the workload and amount of homework are almost unbearable. We barely have any school spirit and we think our mascot (the Wrangler) is lame, but we all still stay here after we say we're going back to our home schools. Gotta love those laid-back school-wide PBLs, the teachers going down the halls on scooters, and how your parents are so proud of you for going to a geeky $83.5 million school.
Rich white kid: "Uggh, I gotta go to West Career and Technical Academy."

Asian kid: "At least there's laptops in every single classroom so we can watch vids on Youtube the entire day."
by sameintheend November 06, 2011
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