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Very rounded person with an open mind, can be difficult at times and stubborn if he knows he's right.
Wesley has a 💓 heart that was meant for an angel and is easily broken by those closes to him because he trusts then with all his heart.
Wesley is a man that takes no shit from anyone but will allow you to think you have pulled the wool over his eyes as he watches you do all that you thought you were sneaky about!!
Beware of Wesley because he has a boiling point that "you do not" want to see!!
Wesley will be your friend to the end but beware not to cross him with your bull shit lies because he already knows the truth.
Wesley is a human lie detector he can detect lies before you say it.
Being a Wesley Eckdahl is like the strength of a dam holding a wall of water back that can't be held!!
by Wall of force June 03, 2018
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