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A horrible, lingering stench after someone who never showers walks by you. It smells so bad, like poop and mold and b.o. and everything in between. If you've ever smelled the inside of a trumpet or another brass instrument, imagine poop and b.o. mixed with that only a billion times worse.

What to do about wendstench, you ask?


If a friend or a loved one has this "wendstench" then you must take immediate action. Either say it straight up "Hey, you stink!" or give clues. "Hey, I just got a free deodorant! You can have it since I already have a few!" or "Oh, look, I free coupon for a shampoo and wash set!" or "Mmm, my new perfume smells delish! You gotta try some!"

Please remember to be considerate to "wendstench" victims. It could very well be you.
by LeahfreakinCleary November 12, 2010
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