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Wendy's version of the McGangbang.

It is a Wendy's 99cent chicken sandwich put in between a Wendy's 99cent Double Stack.

Very good, however, may look unappetizing to others, but to the person eating it, it is like heaven.

To make it a "Super Wendangbang" make variations and/or combinations by adding BACON, fries, nuggets, chili, etc... All based upon your taste preference and hunger.
Person 1:
I went to Wendy's and had a Wendangbang, was way better than the McGangbang at McDonald's.

Person 2:
No, the McGangbang is way better than that shitty, poser Wendangbang. Plus McGangbang's give you McOrgasms in your mouth afterwards, soo bomb om nom nom!

Person 1:
Well I wouldn't want some clown to orgasm in my mouth after i ate delicious food.

Person 2:
-_____- crap you got me there....

We are going to make a bunch of Wendangbangs and put some BACON on it!

Random Person:
Meanwhile in Africa...
by BenMiesterS June 01, 2011
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