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Imaginary friends that you have in teenage through adult years that don't exist at all. You tell all your real friends about how cool and weird they are, and all these made up stories about them. People actually begin to believe you, because you always remember your "wend friends" and lie so convincingly. You soon to believe their real. Wend friends are usually different in some way (looks like a kingdom hearts character, is japanese, from northern europe, has mad scientist parents, or has an x in their name)
When you want to get rid of a wend friend, you say they commited suicide (say it to your entire school) or that they moved to a foreign country.

"Wend friends" sound like very interesting people to meet. So you ask for phone numbers, email addresses or pictures, but the owner of the "wend friends" says "They don't like their picture taken", "They don't have an email" or "They can't pay their bills so the phone lines down."

Usually, "wend friends" have odd names. Usually an anagram, or a nickname. Like "Flowerboy" or anagram plus an x. Jacob becomes Bocajx. Seth becomes Texsh. Bob becomes obbx. And so on and so forth. They never have last names or first names. Just nicknames, don't forget the X.
Wendy: "I had the most awesome weekend with my friends! Axel is so awesome! And so is Dylan! I love them all, they're so cool!"
Emma Lee: ""
Leah: "Axel?"
Wendy: "Yeah, he's just like Axel off of Kingdom Hearts. He looks just like him and everything. It's so strange!"
Wendy leaves to go to fourth hour.
Leah: Emma Lee and Hanna, I think she's got some Wend friends.
Hanna: Definitely, she's got some serious wend friends."
by Leahlicious May 14, 2010
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