That creepy bastard who never got married and scares the shit out of other family members. He usually has a unibrow, 1970s style big glasses, a toupee, and is really short. Often seduces young children and makes movies of the experience in his basement. Also known as the black Sheep in some cases
When I was but a wee lad, my Weird Uncle Andre took me to a baseball game. Then he took me home and made a video of me naked with a monkey in his basement. I rather enjoyed it then, but now I'm as scared as hell of that sick bastard...well, at least I was before he got sent to prison and gangbanged.
by Jim E. Junk May 2, 2006
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That one uncle that tries to touch your no-no square.
Joe weird uncle: just let me touch your no-no square once, please.
Little boi number one: no I don't wanna
by uibh5st69 March 9, 2020
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