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A truely dedicated person to Lil Wayne. aka Weezy. As a Weezyonite you realize that Lil Wayne does have some negative tendencies, but you look past the obvious to realize his full potential as an artist. Weezyonite's are the most elite group of followers of Lil Wayne. They know every aspect of him. In fact their moto is "I know more about Lil Wayne than he knows about himself." If you are a true Weezyonite or wish to be you must know full answers to the following questions:

When was he born:
What hospital was he born in:
What are the names and birthdates of all of his children:
What hospital was his first son born in:
What are his favorite colors and why:
Favorite dessert:
License plate numbers off his Red Lambo Spyder:
And so on :)
by FL Cool Cat July 22, 2010
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