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One who's life completely falls apart over the weekend.

Not in every instance, but in most, weekend wrecks are caused by far too much time watching music videos of One Direction or Justin Beiber. Children who are exposed to these types of obscenities too early in life often become weekend wrecks. Usually weekend wrecks are also associated with a reverse weekend worrier in that they worry about Saturday and Sunday all week long.
Wilson: Dang, Justin's life is probably over after this weekend. He got aids so many times he probably won't be able to recover.

Andy: Man that really sucks to see him be such as Weekend Wreck. Is there anything we can do for him?

Wilson: I don't know man. Once you got the Aids you are done for. You pretty much become a Weekend Wreck for the rest of your life. But we can ask him though...

Andy: Alright!!! Hey Justin is there anything we can do for you man?

Justin: I love AIDS!!!!
by UNOWN301 May 19, 2014
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