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A minor class of the species Redneck.

Habitat structure is often mobile in nature, with the upper echelon appropriating dwellings known as a Mobile Home and lesser members residing in the more modest Recreational Vehicle. In both instances it is culturally appropriate to decorate with Native American iconography, American beer manufacturer signage, and copious amounts of marijuana paraphernalia.

Semi-nocturnal the Weedneck will wake from slumber in the early afternoon and begin foraging for a particular favorite herb commonly known as pot, puff the magic dragon, mary jane. While not particularly adverse to any form of herb they are known to shun from the type known as "ragweed".

What separates this from the cousin species of Stoner is the fact that the Weedneck often will shun the identifying markers of the Stoner such as 70's rock apparel and hemp anything, instead focusing on the more rural culture influences such as Dukes of Hazzard, the "outlaw" country movement and NASCAR.
Willie Nelson's annual July 4th picnic is a hallowed meeting place of the Weedneck.
by Merle Cooter Jennings September 15, 2010
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