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An entirely mental connection between 2 or more stoners that occurs during heavy sessions. A weedlink is a subconscious bond that activates during; topic discussion, decision making, memory recollection, and other scenarios that arise while baking.

Weedlink's result in the almost instant affirmation of a comment of a fellow toker because 1 or more tokers had the same thought on their mind, but were likely too stoned to even attempt speech. This causes a sort of "eureka" moment which clearly identifies who's linked.

Another byproduct of these moments is the inevitable "I was just gonna say...!" or "Holy shit you read my fucking mind!" This will generally only happen the first few times you link with someone, eventually it would get annoying anyways.

The degree of obscurity and the frequency of which these connections occur seem to correlate directly to the magnitude of weed and the frequency of when these 2 or more people burn together. This phenomena is therefore strengthened by "weedlationships".
Person 1: "fuck I'm baked, let's get some eats, lets go to Mcdicks"

Person 2: "FFFFUUUU- I was just craving a big mac and 20 nuggets!!!!"

Person 1: "That's exactly what I was gonna order. gtfo my head!"

Person 1: "Hey man, I think it's just about time to pack another bow-"

Person 2: *hands person 1 a freshly loaded bong* "all ready on it."

Person 1: "Weedlink oh shi-"
by StonedMason June 18, 2010
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