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n. A relationship that forms focused around marijuana and cannabis culture. Partners in a weedlationship will often only hang out when there is dope to be smoked or when chillin with other stoners who may or may not be in their own weedlationships. Generally, it is uncommon to see members of a weedlationship doing anything other baking or walking somewhere to bake.

The strength of a weedlationship is directly affected by the quantity and quality of the cannabis the partners toke.

After several months of maintaining a strong weedlationship partners may begin to develop a "Weedlink." Symptoms of a Weedlink include: Finishing each others sentences, generating similar mental images when thinking creatively, or mutually agreeing without words that its time for another joint/bowl.

Some Weedlationships may form into fully fledged friendships or "weedships" but this is rare occurrence and will usually only take place when a weedlationship has lasted for many years or if the partners have a large number of mutual friends.

Weedlationships are the truest form of human, social interaction because all that matters to the individuals involved in one, is gettin high.
"We've burned like every day this month, our weedlationship is so strong!"

"Are you two dating?" "Nah, we're just in a weedlationship."
by StonedMason April 09, 2010
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