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The things they smoke under bridges. They are weed in form of a nugget, and often called nugs. nom nom nom.
-Woow dude those were some dank weed nuggets. LOLOLOLOLOL 420.

-Come on down to my deli. Late night special weed nuggets sold at back door.
by Proprietor of the deli April 24, 2010
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An individual who spends the vast majority of their life in a weed induced feeding frenzy, most commonly the 20 nugget deal at Mcdonalds on Thursday nights.
Weednugget A: shit, I'm hungry
Weednugget B: its Thursday, 20 nugs of CHicken, large fry, drank- $5.39
Weednugget A: Hell yeah, bra
by Mil57 May 25, 2010
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