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The not oft spoken of but widely understood idea that, when tailing behind an obviously idiotic person on a bike, who is wobbling, swerving, or generally unable to maintain control of their vehicle, let alone the rules of the road, and is taking up an entire lane (usually the left turning lane), the driver in the motor vehicle directly behind the rider has permission to flash headlights, swear, honk, and eventually pass the cyclist while flicking the bird.

The Weeble Law only applies to morons during the day - intoxicated nighttime riders are exempt, as are children learning how to ride.

...Because Weebles wobble, but they don't fall down.
I had to invoke the Weeble Law on the way over here, since there was a dude wobbling on his bike for 3 minutes and he couldn't decide if he wanted to make that left.
by Stiricide August 30, 2010
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