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Usually girls on websites like Nexopia, myspace, and so on, that "typ3 liik3e Dii$" or like"&&hry;;???"
Or use commen chatspeak like "lol" "brb" "omg" "1337" and so on.
HotChcik69:OMG lyk3 hry 2daii?
SilentTears96:1yk3 iim t0tally GD!
Me: Oh my god! Stop being such a webwhore and learn how to type!
HotChick69: && ii D0nt g3t iit..
by Samanthaa* August 12, 2007
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Someone who posts multiple pictures of them self in several online forums where people have no choice but to view the pictures to read the topic, especially in threads unrelated to them. Web whores post their self-portraits as a means to fish for compliments, thereby boosting their ego, or as proof of how 'hot' they are.
JIM: "Augh, that poster 'Sensuality' posted her picture in my "Cars You Would Love to Own" thread!

BOB: "What a web-whore!"
by LT_Gunz October 22, 2010
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