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Show on G4 that is sometimes bagged on because it is similar to Tosh.0. It is debated on wether this or Tosh.0 came out first, and which one is copying which.

This show, like Tosh.0, features viral videos. The difference is that on Web Soup they have specific segments such as "firsties", "things you can't unsee", "pallet cleanser", and "The Greatest Video Ever...this week".
All in all, if you like Tosh.0 you'll like this, so if Tosh isn't on check g4 for this show to get your viral video fix
I saw the sickest thing on Web Soup the other day

Tosh.0 wasn't on so I watched Web Soup instead

I like Web Soup better than Tosh.0

Mike "Web Soup was thought of first and Daniel Tosh is just a copy cat"
Jim "Dude their both good shows"
by Kraypo April 04, 2010
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