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A termed used in Greensboro, NC to describe a kid who attended Weaver High school for the following reasons:

!. The school was built to stimulate the minds of free expression and the preforming/visual arts.

2. Students registered for a specialized class that was not offered at their high school i.e. computer sciences, electrons, automotive, etc.

3. May have feared attend one of the public high schools in the area. Since high schools have been becoming violent and dangerous in NC. Students chose to attend this school as a safety haven.

After graduation, most of students attend UNCG to continue their art-like education.

Weaver kids tend to all look the same. They wear torn up jeans with sandals all year long, wear a vintage t-shirt of their favorite band, and they "try" to pull of the jewfro look by perming their hair to look like tangled up knots.

You can catch the weaver kids hanging out at the nearest coffee shop acting as free spirits.

Most weaver kids are migrating across the eastern sea board and other parts of the country.

You know if you are a weaver kid if:
1. You wear a t-shirt of your favorite band, lets say giant. Someone will see your shirt and say "Hey their pretty good." and you say "Oh thanks."

2. You are from the south but have aspirations to travel up north to New York and live in the village and assume the identity of a New Yorker.

3. Have a unstable relationship with their parents after choosing a career that will not end up in success.

4. Being emo to a much more weirder extent.
by pie pants February 08, 2008
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