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The notorious muzzle shaped like a "W"

It is impossible and pointless to fight it because the muzzle will never stop coming back, so it is much easier to submit and accept that God will not save you because he does not exist.

Those who enter the realm of Weaver can be easily spotted due to the Weaver Muzzle that they wear.
Brasil: Hey Jason, I heard cool guys wear muzzles.
Jason: Naw man, I'm fighting the muzzle.
Dustywabbit: You can't fight it Jason. Just submit.
Jason: No! I will never submit!
Weaver: Jason? Did I give you permission to take off the Weaver Muzzle?
Jason: *puts muzzle on* Mmh mmmh mmh mmmmmh. (I'm sorry Ms. Weaver)
Brasil: So it's true. Cool guys do wear muzzles.
Jason: Mmmh mmh mmmh. (Fuck you man)
by BrasilStyle May 18, 2010
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