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A family name of French origin, as Weak Land was another name for France.

Weaklands are generally short people with a stocky build. They are good at learning languages such as French, but their other intellectual capacity is basically nonexistent. Avid bodybuilders, they tend to build muscle quickly, but it only adds to their grotesque, pugnacious form. However, they tend to think that their large asses are their best physical feature, but what it has in sheer size is overshadowed by what it lacks in definition and cuteness. Weaklands tend to be alpha personalities. They will argue, push, and pout until they get their way and everyone does what the Weakland wants them to do. They are focused on maintaining good relationships, but are willing to brutally cut off anyone who they deem to be "toxic." Obsessed with makeup, they will spend hours molding their facial features (especially the eyebrows) into grotesque, plastic-like form. Despite the flaws of Weaklands, they are still unwaveringly supported by their closest friends who the Weakland has brainwashed into loyalty.
by BCEaglesTellItHowItIs November 01, 2018
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