The human race (the one and only race there is) will only be allowed to give full and equal credit to the strength and heroics of both sexes (and all people, regardless of what they look like or who they fuck, whether it be the same or opposite sex) when they are finally allowed to give credit to all human weakness equally, and not focus on just the male half of human weakness. And thanks to human weakness, those days might be a long ways off, as human weakness tends to keep things off balance and off any course that could become/turn into anything but bullshit.
Once humans can honor all weak people equally (regardless of "race", sex, religion, orientation, any other category) they can finally begin to honor the strength in all people equally (regardless of "race", sex, religion, orientation, any other category). One day you might see a black James Bond, a female triple X, a gay or lesbian president, or anything else you can imagine, but that can only be if human weakness is honored as well (and without waking up and fighting, that won't happen).
by The Original Agahnim January 21, 2022
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