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Hyperbole/Life Motto
Synonym of "We'll play it by ear"

When you know you will not be attending an alcoholic event with friends that more often than not you can't deal with, but don't want to tell anyone flatout you hate their face.However if you can get drunk enough then you may achieve a good time. You may in addition have other hop-ligations you must tend to that prevent your attendance at said event(s).
Dorothy: Hey Franky! Are you coming to Marlene's rager Friday?Everyone is going to be completely shit-faced.

Franky: No i don't think so, Marlene is an annoying bitch, so there's that...., but if we get drunk enough we can most likely put up with her so maybe..."We'll play it by beer."
by Lookatdis13 December 16, 2014
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