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One who has traveled 100,000 miles or more in one calander year.

One who lives on the road, outside of the normal rules of society, almost anarchistic in nature, often misunderstood, searching for the ultimate beauty in life.

A Wayward Traveler understands culture, politics, social causes on a personal level from experiencing those issues first hand. i.e. An opinion on immigration is based on actually watching people sneak over the U.S. border as opposed to reading about it.

These experiences often lead to people who fall into this catagory to develop a very strong sense of social responsibility, often putting themsleves after others.

Wayward Travelers are known for their survival instincts, craftiness, and their humble nature.

Also, totally killer tan.
I met a Wayward Traveler today. He was able to give me detailed, accurate directions to Yellowstone, while offering lodging, and restaraunt suggestings without having to use the internet.
by LaserWaffles November 12, 2011
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