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Wayne is a cartoon that came out in the 1996-1997 about a kid with a club foot and his friends in the hood. The theme song is like this "Wayne Head Wayne Head the parties just beguuun". This was a good cartoon
I miss Wayne Head! :(
by Key Kel March 08, 2009
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In New Orleans and south Louisiana somebody that listens to alot of Lil' Wayne, especially from mixtapes, is referred to as a "Wayne Head".
Is that all he listens to?
Yeah, he's a big time wayne head!
by !Lucky! February 04, 2008
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Particular men's hair style featuring gelled up spikes all over the head,
much like the Growing up Gotti Hair-do. Very popular in Wayne, NJ.
Hence the name. Guys wearing this do will also be seen in polo shirts collars up of course, with a sweatband on their forearm and a bottle of vitamin water. Most likely to be seen traveling in packs, typically seen in German luxury cars their parents buy them.
" Hey, did you see those Wayne Heads last night at the bar?"
" Oh yeah, the ones that got shot down by every girl in the joint?"
" Yeah, them, I saw them doing burnouts in a beemer in the parking lot."
by DJ D-rail July 28, 2007
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