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WRs are kids from Wayland who act immature and idiotic. There are multiple kids of Wayland Retards:
1. People who never or rarely talk. These people also must be somewhat stupid

2. People who act at least two years younger than their age
3. People who think they’re so cool when they’re actually not
They can be either mild, medium, or bad. You say the letters WR to make sure teachers don’t notice.
Student 1: in geometry class yesterday when Mr. Smith asked the class what’s 374*17, Addler screamed 69 and started dabbing.

Student 2: Such a WR. That kid tried out for the basketball team too. He didn’t make a single layup

Student 1: Wayland Retards (WR) are so annoying

Student 2: Agreed
by CoachSchnitKunt May 19, 2018
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