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A small shit hole grocery store that looks as if it was brought to the future from the 70's. The stores main exports are expired foods such as peanut butter, salad dressings and bbq sauce from the great depression. The owner of the store has many loops in his brain, dosnt know the meaning of business yet walks around like a clueless ape. He makes jokes about being rich and knowing so many highclass jewish people, his father never responds to anything and it is rumored that hes deaf. The 5th Aisle in the store smells like sewage even with all the cosmetics there. The walls are stained with a colour that makes the store look like a classic store from brooklyn in the 70's. Expired food that is removed from the selves are always put back the day after. The stores known for its dust like michael jackson is known for his white gloves. The owner sells dollar store things that were coverd with mice feces for a higher price then deserved. The deli is topped off with the finest rotten bologne and other dirty salamis. The breads most common colour after days of no one working grocery is green.
Customer 1: WaySave is dirtville.

Customer 2: I know I bought some food there the other day and most of it was expired.

Customer 1: Never buy food from there, its like going back in time...Both the food and shopping experience.
by BreakTheBricks August 01, 2011
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