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A talented collective of Hiphop enthusiasts originating in San Jose, CA. Also referred to as "Dub P" or "The Wax" for short.

This collective was originally created by Funk Fader (formerly known as Flip Tha Funky Fader) in 2002 and a year later, co-founded by DJ Quix Fader. Wax Phonetics expanded and now includes DJs, beatboxers, instrumentalists, and other various musical calibers.

Wax Phonetics is a group of hardcore Hiphop zealots. Old School, Underground/Non-Commericial, and staying true to the roots of Hiphop are what Wax Phonetics is all about.
Wax Phonetics is DJ'ing the school dance this Friday.
The DJ's are from Wax Phonetics.
That beatboxer is affiliated with Wax Phonetics.
by Franklin A. July 02, 2006
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