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Watermelon Fingers

(1) The act of fingering a member of the female sex while she is on menstruation. The idea is based on while eating watermelon, red juices cover the fingers, and you have a choice to either lick it off, or wipe it off.

Example: Johnny has watermelon fingers after he took that girl home from the bar yesterday.

(2) Watermelon Fingers can also refer in a philosophical sense to the idea of racism. Watermelon, over time, has been stereotyped with the "African-American" community. Although, all humans consume watermelon as it is considered an aphrodisiac. When an individual eats a watermelon, a mess of juices flow through the hands. The juices are the "water" or essentially the "life form" of the watermelon. This is the act of "bleeding" from the melon. The idea is we are wasting vital parts of the melon, without realizing it. The concept of racism is defined in a sense that we all are eating watermelon (wasting life), because our focus is concrete (the taste), not what the effect it has on our individual body(soul). Therefore, watermelon fingers represent the lack of knowledge of our disrespect to all "life" (including race), and how we just wipe away (juices) our ignorance without a care of the effects to other individuals. Watermelon fingers represent our ignorant society and the programmed individuals who are unable to think of our consequences. Our wants trump our needs.
Example: Tim could see Julie's watermelon fingers from across the room after seeing her make fun of Jada.
by lippythehippie June 08, 2014
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