When you eat heaps of watermelon with seeds you then proceed to shit the seeds out into another mans mouth who inturn shits into the girls mouth ,this process i double filtered, after 24 hours fuck her in the arse and blow as much load as you can up her ,this will germinate and make the seeds fertile !she will shit out watermelons in the yard creating tasty watermelons for the kids.
I gave her a watermelon patch.

Shes a filthy bitch her backyard is full of watermelons

Watermelon sugar high
by Watermelon kids October 10, 2020
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a large group of african-americans standing in a grassy area.
I lst control of my car and ran right through a watermelon patch.
by jcornstopper September 08, 2010
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A large amount of hair in the center of the lower back above the butt crack.
There’s not a lot of hair on his back but he’s got a huge watermelon patch.
by KG6 February 21, 2021
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