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Someone who lives on narrow boats/canals and travel on the water throughout their lives
Steve: Look at those narrow boats man
Max: Yeah look at that Water Gypsy
Steve: A what?

Max: Someone who lives on water is a Water Gypsy
by Jrg1214 October 04, 2016
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A person that lives on a barge on a canal.

Like a land gypsy, water gypsies travel and live in a terrible habitat, smell horrible and is a valid form of insult.

Unlike land gypsies, water gypsies are unlikely to steal unless their way of life is threatened, have pet dogs or β€˜dags’ Or ask for β€˜any old iron’.
Steve: β€˜Hey Doug! Do you want to go to the Dog and Duck later by the canal?’

Doug:’No way, there’s way too many water gypsies floating around by around there!’
by TWC.TV May 25, 2018
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