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In Platteville, Wisconsin (particularly at the University of Wisconsin-Platteville) people of different areas would come together and often use conflicting terminology for common items. Some of the most aggressive arguments were over the topic of a device which dispenses water for drinking.

The term "Bubbler" is extremely common in Wisconsin and particularly around the south eastern part of the state. However, due to the geography of UW-Platteville people of different areas collected in the city of Platteville - most of whom didn't use the term "Bubbler". They instead used either the term "water fountain" or "drinking fountain".

It is unbelievable how often these arguments would arise throughout the city. A compromise was reached in the early 21st century. A new term was realized which held no history and made sense.

The device which dispenses water in an arced path became known as a water arc. There is now doubt that this term is accurate and specific.
"Where is the nearest Water Arc?"

"That Water Arc has some damn good water!"

"Aww... someone puked on the arc again"

Person 1: "I'm so thirsty..."
Person 2: "Oh, there's a water arc right over there."
Person 1: "Thanks buddy!!!"
by The Great Compromiser September 11, 2011
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