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A Mykilo Sosa original process designed to take out the impurities in marijuana. The process is rigidly outlined as follows: trimmed buds are completely submerged in reverse osmosis (RO) water for seven to ten days. The water is changed once every twenty four hours. After seven to ten days, the buds are placed on a sterilized drying screen above a cool-air dehumidifier for two and a half to four hours or until the buds are completely brittle dry. The buds are now completely gray in color and ready to be enjoyed without the water soluble impurities that are commonplace in all other forms of marijuana.
Wow, this water cured exotic is super smooth. I just painlessly consumed over a half-gram in one hit. Water curing bud is what truly makes it medical grade and safer to consume, versus just saying that it is medical grade because it was purchased from a medical marijuana dispensary. With no chlorophyll, excess nutrients, or other residuals left in or on the buds, it is like candy on a stick, leaving a superior taste and superb smokability. Water cured buds are also safe to cook with.
by Qorn36 May 07, 2012
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