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When something you do is retarded to the point that it is reminiscent of Wataru, the Japanese kid. The term must be used with a capitalized "W."
This is a video of Ian trying to get down from the tree.... he's struggling because he's Watarded.

Dude that was Watarded.

You forgot your phone again? Are you Watarded?
by anonj May 12, 2009
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An individual who is way retarded; this individual surpasses what it otherwise considered to be the standard of retarded or idiotic behavior. This individual is even considered exceptionally retarded among the regularly retarded.
Dude, trying to prove that you could pull that anvil with your nuts when you can’t even life a ten pound weight with your arm was watarded! Seriously man, those with special helmet requirements know better than that.
by Stacey *iz* hisrockstaR August 22, 2009
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