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Possibly originated in Australia and is usually associated with surfing communities. The Wat Trick is performed by inserting a hose in the rectum and filling it with water, and then expelling the contents in a stream, distances of 10 to 15 feet are not unusual and farther can certainly be achieved. The Wat Trick is most commonly performed at parties when several inebriated participants string a hose to the roof of a building and start filling up and squirting it towards a crowd gathered outside.

This trick can also be performed in a hot tub using the force of the jets. Yet, it is said to possibly be dangerous and a significantly painful method.
After the surf contest there was a huge party at the hotel, and several of the Ausie's went on the roof and started doing the Wat Trick onto all the people outside.
by Midtownie June 18, 2009
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