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1. Alternate greating used when sipmly saying "Sup" or "What's up?" just doesn't cut it anymore.

2. Also used as a conversation starter and/or ender.

3. Random word used in any situation and/or place and/or time.
1. Joe has known John for seven years and each time they see one another they say "Sup". In light of their more recent needs for a change, Joe starts greeting John with the word 'Washtah!' simply translating into: What is happening, or whatever they so choose.

2. The sudden silence that filled room was to be the death of the party, until Jack, a self-minded enthusiast who was in the back of the room shouted "Washtah!" at the top of his lungs and began the butterchurn dance in the center of the room.

3. Feeling a little down and out with his life, Jim needed to add a new spark to his boring businessman life style. So when the weekly board meeting rolled around he decided to spice things up, and get a few laughs as well, by jumping up onto the long oak table and strike a pose, while chanting the word "Washtah!" over and over again for five seconds.
by Vincent_K November 24, 2005
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