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Native from the state of Washington. You can usually spot Eastern Washingtards by their pointy teeth from the inbreeding. Western Washingtards tend to have some sort of Liberal gibberish on their Subarus or Volvos if in Ballard, and definitely can tell by their driving skills. There is always the possibility that Sasquatch is right around the bend on I5 or any other freeway, so they will slow down to 40 or slower to make sure they don't hit rogue Sasquatchs on the freeway system. Washingtards are very sensitive and avoid confrontation, so never say anything mean or direct at them, as they may go sulk and pout over your harsh words for the next 3-5 years. Arch Enemies of Washintards: People from LA or the East Coast.
I love the city of Seattle, but there's too many Washingtards there.
by SeattleEvilDave October 15, 2009
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