What happens when a moonlanding gets a bit more intimate? A warpzone is when two individuals press their asses so close together that their buttholes touch. Lining up perfectly, the buttholes form a path that transcends time and space similar to that of a black hole. Some say if any person attempted to go from one side of the warpzone to the other there's no telling where in the universe they might end up.

In contrast to moonlandings, warpzones are rarely accidental with the exception of people with very small yet loose butt cheeks. Warpzones are a very intentional act and can be a show of love or lust.
Things got crazy last night with my girlfriend. We skipped right past first, second, and third base and went straight to warpzoning!

I drank way to much last night and warpzoned some random guy at the bar. I should get checked out.

"I'm detecting a disruption in the space-time continuum, there's a concentration of warpzoning going on in Buffalo it appears. The Bills must have won the SuperBowl."
by Intergalactictraveller January 6, 2021
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