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To achieve warp vision you need to smoke or consume about a gram of good to really good weed in one sitting. It is the 4th level of being high on weed. When someone tries to acheive warp vision it will be difficult as you will likely want to stop because you are so fucking high. Once you get to this level you will be walking and it will seem as if you have walked 20 feet in the blink of an eye. People you know well will feel familiar but you will not know who they are. Driving with warp vision is really stupid cause just walking is really hard. It is an amazing feeling to have and you will feel as if you are walking underwater. Your eyes will be so red and blood shot that people will know your high. Your eyes will be almost closed no matter what so people will know your high. Take this into consideration beforehand. Everything feels slowed down and it is almost like the time skips, But you are still in control. It is best to do a warp vision trip after a tolerance break or your first time smoking weed. Just keep smoking till you can't even use your lighter. Pre packing is recommend because spilling weed sucks. Do not be around cops talking is difficult or impossible as well as remembering what you have to say. Don't zone out or you will just pass out and it would be a waste of a gram. You will be high as fuck for a long time like 5-12 hours. You may even wake up high the next day and a bad case of second day stupids is assured.
You have a lot of weed on you and have been ditched by a non weed smoker bitch that is paranoid about your weed smoking. You have to walk home 8-9 miles by yourself and have nothing better to do. By the time you have finished your many bowl packs you have now achieved warp vision and can't remember which direction your house is despite knowing exactly how to get home if sober. You will likely get lost many times and a 2 hour walk turns into a 4.5hour trip. If you get pulled over or run into cops you likely won't care that they are pulling you over you are just that far gone.
by weed warper January 17, 2012
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