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Derogatory term for Prince George's "PG" County, Maryland, a suburb of Washington DC. Now has more murders than DC. More and more low-income African-American DC residents (and others) are being forced out of DC by high rents and real estate prices, and moving to PG County.

DC is subdivided into eight political wards. PG County is just over the border from Ward 8, which is east of the Anacostia River in DC, and DC's poorest and blackest ward.
<Dupont Circle guy> Dude, you still looking for a place to live?
<Dupont Circle guy #2> Man, I can't believe this shit. Rent's all so fuckin' expensive. I'm gonna end up in Ward Nine.
<Dupont Circle guy> *snort*
by rickster_dc August 08, 2005
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