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The title given to someone in the S.C.A or other such historical reenactment event that you camp at, who is sworn to another to take care of all of their needs for the duration of a War. Needs usually consist of, but are not limited to; cooking, armoring, sex, water bearing, cleaning, tent warming, drink fetching and post fight massages.

The bride in turn receives recognition of the battle field for whom their honor is being fought for, a person to whom they can come to with any problems, some one to keep drunken creepers at a distance, the perks and protection of that persons camp and a companion to keep them happy during the War.
"I didn't know you and Chelsie were dating!" "Were not, she lives 3 hours away from me. Shes just my war bride."

"I'm glad I'm Jeff's war bride this event. I keep getting hit on by drunken assholes and hes there to chase them off every time"
by Welsh Maiden September 07, 2012
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