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A kid that is a real loser, thinks that he/she is "uber" cool and that everyone likes them, the truth?
We dont, they will change how they look and the people that they hang aroud with at a moments notice so that people think that they are cool, will even sink as low to pretend to be drunk....sad sad children
They hang around with kids that will accept them, most often werid emo kids that changed there image to stay "cool" afew years before, a Wannabe emofag will then change their image to fit in with them so they jump on the band wagon. Litle do they know that they actually piss off everyone around them, even the people that they thought where their friends.
In Joe's head: hey im so cool, i dont need friends i can just chill with my supposed "emo" buddies, fuck my old friends im sooo much cooler than them.

Me: Well i never liked him in the first place, that kid is such a wannabe emofag!
*months later*
Stacey: You know what, Joe is a fag!
Me: Oh yes high-five, see i told you.
by "J" December 08, 2006
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Rachel: stop double texting me.
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