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Kids who usally range from Fifth to Eighth grade, who drink V8 and dress like a Goth or Emo dude/dudette. Wannabe Vampires also like to "tell" on people that they dislike or wanna start shit with, and then start crying in front of a Teacher/Princible. They usually hang around Dark areas like a Goth or Emo.
Vampire Kid- Im not a dude
Jonny- Then what are you?
Vampire Kid- Imma vampire....
Derick- Dude your a wannabe vampire
Vampire Kid- (starts crying) TEACHER! HE CALLED ME A BAD NAME!!!
Teacher- Go hang with the Wannabe Vampires, we read urban dictionary too you know!
by iwouldbangagothchick October 10, 2010
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That guy with a funny speech impedement and long nasty hair that insists on wearing a black trenchcoat EVERYDAY and sharpening his fingernails to a point. He constantly talks about meaningless goings-ons in the media industry and swears his allegiance to a single overrated and tired genre of games and movies and TV. When he interacts with anyone else other than his vampire entity that lives in his brain, he regards other humans with one part cinicism and two parts social incompetence; thus resulting in a state of celebacy for all eternity. BEWARE: he will threaten to bite you, but it will only result in a seering staredown and a feeble attemp at insulting your masculinity.
"That Wannabe Vampire is just jealous at my sup3rior H4X0r ski11z."
by Lanky Thrower May 15, 2006
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