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Back then, hipsters were people who simply appreciated any form of art and loved music(mainly jazz). Now, somehow, the idea real hipsters had transformed into people who either wear high-waisted pants and crop tops 24/7, or dress in pure "vintage". Not because they actually adore the style, but because all other "hipsters" are doing it. They are completely normal yet talk about being "very weird". Wanna be hipsters listen to indie rock, not because they like it, but because "that's what hipsters do". They most likely google "how to be a hipster" and follow everything they find. They wear moccasins and claim to not do their hair when they obviously put product in the night before or whilst getting ready in the morning. They claim to "not care" about their appearances yet they put ten pounds of makeup on everyday. They buy books on how to draw, create a couple of masterpieces for show, and drop the hobby altogether until they feel the need to create more proof of being true "artists". They want to be hippies and talk about nature as if they actually appreciate it, even though they couldn't care less in reality. Because everyone on the "hipster"-full website, tumblr, everyone now wants to be like every "hipster" they see.. which is why all wanna be hipsters hate everyone and want to move to the uk. They all claim to be different, yet they don't realize being "different" is taking over and now all wanna be ("original") hipsters are cliche. They are all pathetic.
stranger: "wow what a f***ing wanna be hipster. How pathetic."
by anooonnnnnn September 25, 2011
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Someone who thinks they are totes cool for writing, drawing, and speaking of triangles. They wear vintage clothes and always brag about how "hipster" they are when they probably should go read the definitions of Hipster and get it through their mind that they arent hipsters, they try too hard, and they have it all wrong.
by Not a Triangle. January 11, 2011
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An individual that tries really hard to be a hipster. Some succeed and become a real or true hipster and some... not so much. These are the individuals in the hipster culture that are "too cool" to do stuff or have the "too good for you" mentality. They are often the trend followers in the hipster culture but still is considered a trend starter by many, especially in the non-hipster society(real world).
friend: lets go to this bar
wannabe hipster: thats lame, we're better than that (deep inside he really wants to go but is too worried that others might see him)
friend: but Bridgette(well known underground singer) is there, you know she got a donk!
wannabe hipster: oh... well i guess so.

trend follower
by alphaX February 01, 2012
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