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Wanky house is a definition used to describe a rubbish to average collection of beats and synth lines around 120-130bpm. Whilst a lot of house music is well produced, interesting and makes for highly pleasurable listening, Wanky House is of poor quality, boring and one ‘tune’ is highly indistinguishable from the next. It is usually only made and listened too for the sake of making and listening to house music. Producers of Wanky house usually only use the pre-sets supplied with the torrented copies of Fruity Loops they possess and will only throw in a Vengeance sample if they are feeling adventurous. Listeners of Wanky house usually do so via Youtube rips and low bit rate torrents, further lowering the quality, and are regular takers of ketamine. They also believe that the music they listen too ‘Is real deep man’.
Oh look, Jack is listening to wanky house again...

This Dj is playing wanky house..
by Goodvibetribe December 25, 2012
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