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An freaking awesome girl who is always understanding and can always relate to people. Her intelligence is beyond comprehension and she never gives up the opportunity to meet new people and makes new friends everyday.

She has no enemies because her personality doesn't allow that, but if you get on her bad side, she'll go Psycho-Asian on you and round house kick your ass across the room. You'll immediately regret messing with her because she has an army of friends that will kidnap you and send you to Guantanamo Bay to be tortured for the rest of your life.

She's also a BAMF on 2nd bass drum. ;)
Mean Girl: Wanisa's so ratchet.

Chuck Norris: *Round house kick*

Bruce Lee: Don't worry about them Wanisa, we've got your back...
by Ceasar's Palace MD February 25, 2013
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