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a slow and/or sluggish moving shopping cart; these are left by smart shoppers at your neighborhood grocery store because they are blessed with faulty wheels or their axles arent properly lubed; Wangdongs cause anger because when pushing a wangdong you must exert non-equal forces with your arms in order to push the cart along smoothly, thus making one arm tired while your wangdong skids along the floor of each isle.
Yolanda: Hey, look at that guys wangdong, its totally draggin.
Frodo: I once had a Wangdong like that, except i exchanged it before it sent me into a vortex of spiraling fury.
by McSackdrop November 08, 2010
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The name of a very unfortunate Chinese park ranger who appeared on an episode of Destination Truth.
We were led into the forest by Wang Dong.... poor man
by batt3ry August 02, 2011
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can vary from many different things

a. A catchphrase. for example: ah wang dong! lost my keys!
b. A new kind of chinese food that has vegetables, cheese, and fried eggs
c. a penis.
d. a new line of Trojan brand extra thick condom. "for more protection...wait...if you want protection...DONT HAVE SEX!"
e. wang=pee


for example: sorry man i gotta go take a wang and then a dong.
f. a new line of baseball "cups" for men
example: man i got this new wang dong feels so natural! it even comes with the free trojan condoms! for athletic family planning!
g. a new cartoon! wang and dong save the day!
wang usually (accidentally) starts the trouble while dong rescues the town.
example: man, did u see wang and dong tonight?
yeah it was sweet!!
wang dong: lots of thingss.
by wang and dong(: April 07, 2010
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