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wan·co ( P ) n.

A word or an expression that serves as a figurative or symbolic substitute for wandering cock.

A word used to describe a singular person or group of persons who grind on unwilling girls in the club, and rub their cock on their leg or ass.

A word used to describe a certain profile of a group of individuals; usually of Italian descent or Chaldean. Wearing ripped of flannel shirts with a hood on the back of it, or the buttoned down white shirt with their "gold chains" showing, leather shoes with buckle, and greased hair pulled back. Can usually be seen getting rejected girl after girl trying desperately to rub their cock on someone.
OMG look at that wanco over there! I guess he's too stupid to realize that girl doesnt want his cock rubbed all over her.

Look at that group of Wanco's, we should whoop their ass!
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